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Reporting Absence

To report an absence, or reason for lateness, please contact the school office on the day by 8.45am. It is important that home and school work together to ensure every young person attends school as much as possible so that they have the best chance of success.

01823 275569

  • Our attendance policy is available under the policies tab on this website.
  • Key workers will keep in close contact with parents/carers whose young person is not attending school. 
  • Please ensure to give a reason when informing the school that your young person is not attending.
  • Any request for absence during term time must be made on the appropriate form available from the Office.  Requests will only be granted in exceptional circumstances as outlined by the government.

Minutes late per Day

Equates to Days of Teaching Lost in one Year

Which means this number of lessons missed

5 mins

3 Days

15 Lessons

10 mins

6 Days

30 Lessons

15 mins

9 Days

45 Lessons