Outdoor Education


Outdoor Education is a key aspect of student life at The Sky Academy and is invaluable in encouraging young peoples emotional development and practical skills.  Personal growth is by far the greatest outcome from Outdoor Ed, alongside development of inter and intra personal skills, the ability to take on new challenges, confidence in ones self and team and the ability to make mistakes. 

Alongside this there are numerous studies that advocate the positive impact of being outdoors on mental health. Considering the complexities of our young people this provision is key to maintaining and improving the mental wellbeing and fortitude of our students.

Whilst the emotional development and support of our young people is our key priority we do offer the following qualifications to those who are able to access them:

Outdoor Education is vital in preparing students for the world beyond The Sky Academy as it provides them with the ability to meet new people confidently, to rise to new and unsuspected challenges, to complete difficult and seemingly scary tasks and to have pride in their achievements.