The Thrive Approach

The Sky Academy is adopting Thrive as a tool so we can target therapeutic provision to meet the boy’s needs. There will be a number of opportunities available at Sky through 1:1 work, group sessions and through the curriculum such as drama, the farm and Learning through Adventure to support your son’s development.

‘The Thrive Approach in Childhood integrates the latest findings in neuroscience with attachment and relationship theory and child development. It helps adults to understand children’s behaviour as communication and as a means of identifying any unmet emotional needs. Through Thrive we learn how to address their needs and support them in communicating and managing their feelings. The children have fun as they learn the new social and emotional skills they need to grow and come alongside their peers.’

We have hosted two Thrive awareness sessions for professionals and are supporting the roll out of this assessment across the County. It is really exciting that we are already embedding Thrive at Sky and are leading the way for quality provision so that your child can reach their full potential.