Therapeutic Intervention

We are delighted that we are able to offer our students therapeutic support to help them develop emotionally. This intervention is personalised and based on individual needs and their ability to access support. Our therapists offer a range of support from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Counselling, Art and Play therapy and Integrative Psychotherapies.

In addition to these interventions, we have a number of staff who are skilled to deliver more general interventions such as emotional literacy, anger management, self-awareness, communication skills and self-esteem. We are developing a 'Thrive' approach which is systematic, dynamic and relevant—it helps adults respond to a child's emotional situation in a way that supports their emotional and social development.

We aim to provide a curriculum rich in these opportunities so all the boys have access to this support without having to leave the classroom.

Educational Psychologist

All the boys at The Sky Academy have a statutory assessment for SEN which is reviewed annually. As part of this process the Educational Psychologist provides insight and support on how we meet the educational needs as identified in the objectives on the statement.

At The Sky Academy we believe that our Educational Psychologist is fundamental in ensuring that we have a holistic understanding of the needs of our boys and therefore we have made a substantial commitment to commission additional services at Sky.