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Careers Provision 

Sky Academy are committed to meeting the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks, set out by the Government, for schools to work towards in order to provide good and consistent career provision for our students. Information on current opportunities can be found here:   

Local Careers Hub Teacher Information   

  The Gatsby benchmarks ensure that every young person at Sky Academy will receive exposure to local employers in order to gain a greater understanding of the world of work.    

The benchmarks also offer individualised information, advice and guidance around a range of post 16 education offers, from sixth form to technical college to university and apprenticeships, enabling young people to make informed choices about their future.    

The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks can be viewed here: 

Careers Curriculum Links

Careers Curriculum Links: 

Every Department can link curriculum to careers and at Sky Academy we have developed links in many areas including Bristol Bears and  Somerset County Cricket Club who support the Sports curriculum. For cross curricular links in the maths curriculum see: https://www.mypathcareersuk.com/job-of-the-week 

The Curriculum Programme Includes:  

Offsite employer visits. 
Enterprise activities and competitions.
  Careers specific story books. 
Classroom based work experience – student responsibilities. 
Diversity being covered within the career’s curriculum. 
Play activities. 
Army Outreach Visit. 
Discussing parent/ carer’s jobs. 
Visits linking classroom learning to the outside world. 
Jigsaw Curriculum: Dreams and Goals 
What are my dreams and goals? 
Achieving my dreams and goals 
Coping strategies 
How responsible and irresponsible choices affect my dreams and goals 
How making an irresponsible choice could affect a person’s dreams and goal 
SkillsBuilder Framework: The essential skills. 
Investigate careers 
What is work?
Careers/work-based curriculum embedded into student learning  
Offsite Employer visits. Science lessons linked to STEM including employer visits. Hinkley Point Visit 
Construction Experience. 
Skills investigations. 
Math lessons linked to careers. 
Enterprise activities  
Army Outreach Visit.
College visit 
Diversity being covered within the career’s curriculum 
Jigsaw Curriculum: Dreams and Goals 
My personal strengths 
The power of planning 
My dreams for my life 
Mental health and illness 
Media manipulation and mental health 
Your goals - long-term 
What money can’t buy 
Online Safety 
Money and Earnings 
The price of life 
What are my dreams and goals? 
Achieving my dreams and goals 
Coping strategies 
How responsible and irresponsible choices affect my dreams and goals 
How making an irresponsible choice could affect a person’s dreams and goals  
Producing a product. Running an enterprise activity. 
Skillsbuilder Framework 
Morrisby lessons: 
Job search technique 
Investigate Careers 
Employability skills 
Understanding the school leaver and jobs market
  Completing apprenticeship and job applications
  Successful interviews  
Career management for the future
  Options at 16  
Careers for the future  
Preparing for the work experience placement Decision making What is work?
Careers/work-based learning curriculum. embedded into student learning. 
Offsite Employer visits.
  Hinkley Point Visit 
Construction Experience. 
Visits from external speakers. 
Referring to local, regional and national labour market information. 
CV writing, cover letters application and interviewing workshops. 
Signing up to jobsites and apprenticeship vacancies. 
Support with applying for part-time jobs. 
Support with College applications.  
5 day work experience week. 
Ongoing placement support. 
Attend Somerset Careers Fair. 
MAT Careers and Aspirations Event. 
Personal guidance meeting with external Careers advisor.
  Attend college open evenings and taster days. Discussing post-16 options with parent/careers. Apprenticeship talk. 
Skillsbuilder Framework. 
Recording of student’s career interests/visits on computer software  
Maths lessons linked to careers 
Diversity being covered within the career’s curriculum.
  Achieving Success at Interview.
  Using a CV and covering letter to apply for a job. Applying for a Job.
  Managing own money. 
Career Progression. 
Transition support and visits during college to the Crockers Centre. 
Dreams and Goal – Jigsaw - Becoming an Adult 
Managing anxiety 
Money and Debt 
Dream Jobs and Skill Set 
My future relationships 
What to do when things go wrong 
Relationships and goals 
Me, my goals and my health 
Work/life balance 
A Healthy Balance 
Compass Plus Alumni Details 
Partnership referals and events.
  Morrisby Lessons: 
Investigate Careers 
Challenging work-place stereotypes 
Decision Making 
Preparing for the work experience placement 
Options at 16 

For additional labour market information, events, training, and opportunities relevant to staff, please click on the following link:


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