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You can get up to date information on the local offerings by visiting:   

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The decision about what you will do after you leave school is a very important decision.  Throughout Year 10 and 11 we will have many opportunities built into the school day to help you make the right decision for yourself.     

Below are some links to help you with planning your future.  Some are to help you work out what you are good at and what you like and will give you some future career options and some are to help you navigate the college, apprenticeships, and traineeships options and also to look for part-time work.   


About you:

Career Pilot 

Career Test (

Buzz quiz - icould

Job Match |


Some Links to Post 16 Routes:

Find an apprenticeship - GOV.UK (


Part Time Employment: 

Child Employment - The Law 

Local Child Employent Application

Job search for employment

For labour market Information, events, training, and opportunities relevant to students, please click on the following links:

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