To promote our vision in creating positive memories students who board are encouraged to participate in a number of varied activities to stimulate physical and mental development; also giving boarders the opportunity to experience play, as sometimes some students come to The Sky Academye with limited experiences of social interaction.

Activities are balanced; the students are encouraged to explore personal interests at school, all using local resources, this could also mean boarders could join local clubs if they wish, such as Clubs or Scouts. We encourage all students to participate in physical games to promote personal fitness. Most evenings of the week there is always an opportunity to play sport. During the summer term we try to run varied activities off-site aiming to build a students' confidence and outlook and personal experiences.

Activities we regularly run, football, rugby, swimming, orienteering, fishing, crab-lining, board games, console gaming, model-making, woodwork skills and educational visits to local museums or places of interest.