The Sky Academy Learner Update

We like to maintain a channel of communication with our students once they have left The Sky Academy – following are some examples of  Sky Learners and their current successes:

  • Bridgwater College: One student managed to secure a placement at Bridgwater College with the support of our college co-ordinator. This student has had a fantastic first year with glowing feedback from his tutors who anticipate great results at the end of his course. He has recently been in to Sky to join current Sky Learners in raising funds for Sport Relief.
  • Apprenticeship: Our mentoring programme provides students with an opportunity to support younger Sky Learners and in turn develop their own confidence and communication skills. This programme was particularly successful with one of our students who used these skills when visiting The Gambia as part of a programme to build an educational centre in a small village. Although not academic the students experiences and social development were evident during an extremely successful work experience placement and resulted in this student being offered an apprenticeship working as a mentor in an alternative education provision.
  • Construction: As part of their core provision, Sky Learners are provided with the opportunity to experience a range of vocational activities both on and off site. These activities often inspire individuals to follow a particular path. This has been the case for one of our students who has already secured an unconditional placement at Bridgwater & Taunton College to follow a course in Construction.